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(moncler online shop)tewardess Costumes -The Exciting Costume For This Halloween Night

ABC new show this fall, Pan Am, has really been receiving hot critiques. With as many as 11 Million viewers during the course of its pilot episode in the United States, and with just a few weeks left until Halloween night, lots of women are excited to go to Halloween parties in a stewardess Halloween costume.

The greatest part of this Halloween costume is that it doesn involve as much make-up or clothes as other Halloween dress-up costumes. In addition, choosing to wear a stewardess costume would really grab lots of attention at a party without being too frightening or too twisted.

Stewardess dress-up costumes are very beautiful because of the 3 main components of the outfit. Their basic outfit, which generally includes a top and a skirt, a neck scarf, and their signature hat.

For the accessories, the scarf is usually made of sheer fabric and is fairly thinner and shorter than scarves worn normally during cold weather. These gorgeous scarves also usually have a eye-catching color such as red, blue, and so on.

Whatever the color may be, the scarf typically goes well with the general theme of the uniform. The hat on the other hand may be a bit more difficult to find in a woman closet. These can be easily obtained from the nearest department store and normally go with the color of the outfit as well. It really depends on the individual whether or not she wants these accessories to match perfectly the color of the outfit or have them in contrast with one another.

An very important and typically forgotten accessory is the stewardess "wings" pin. In Pan-Am, Ms. Christina Ricci alongside her stewardess co-workers are seen wearing these famous pins, which is a standard for the stewardesses throughout the Sixties. Having this pin is important in trying to bring back the 1960s era of stewardesses.

Another important stewardess uniform detail is the hair and make-up. Flight attendants are very well known to be very immaculate and orderly when it comes to their appearance. Although the 1960s are known for voluminous or "bouffant" hair, a simple ponytail and buns can do the job just as well. As for the make-up, a simple red lipstick can do the trick even without eye shadow and nominal blush. What important is to keep the neatness and maintain the subtlety of being a flight attendant.

Thanks to the Pan Am Airlinesshow the stewardess outfit will definitely be popular again this Halloween season. Now all a woman needs is to have the right Sixties perspective as portrayed by Christina Ricci and the rest of the cast.

This is your chance to fly the blue sky this Halloween. Order the coolest stewardess costume right here now Visit us for your flight attendant costume while you still have lots of time. 相关的主题文章: