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(moncler jacke damen)oncler Puffer Down Jackets Vs. Cold Winters

Pity the poor weather reporter, bravely suffering the elements in ungainly raingear. Extreme climatic conditions call for extreme sartorial solutions: step forward the padded . What used to count as technical sportswear has become a style essential.

Lots of younger guys in the office wear North Face and Canada Goose coats, over their suits to work. A classic wool coat can look too dressy sometimes, especially if you commute from outside moncler günstig London. Its much cooler to mix it up with something more casual like a padded jacket and keep things really smart underneath for when you get to the office. Also, if you are setting off to work at 6am in winter you really do need to dress for cold winter conditions.

Its not just weather driving the trend: throw in the increasingly blurred lines between weekend wear and working-week smart, not to mention the recession-linked desire to tone down the bling and up the sartorial democracy, and the result is the perfect storm of a puffer comeback. The duvet-like coats quickly became the jacket to covet. Royalty and sporty types alike bought the lightweight but toasty-warm styles.

Since then, however, Moncler moved the quilted down jacket off the slopes and on to the runway. In ensuing years the label has continued to grow and become one of our top mens brands, with its slope-ready hooded jacket (about 1,000) already a classic.

Moncler puffers into fashion by mixing designers with technical, and continuously coming of have been improved to be the most remarkable winter coats among the markets.

Moncler had seen my work and was interested by the crossover between military functionality and wearable urban clothing, says Raeburn, who is also known for his upcycling. As a result, PrimaLoft, a lightweight and thermally efficient eco-filling produced from post-consumer waste, was used in his Moncler pieces, which took as their starting point a German military sleeping bag.

Not surprisingly, the high street has jumped on the trend, especially Japanese retailer Uniqlo, which has been championing the ski-jacket-as-urbanwear look for the past few years. Uniqlos Premium Ultra Light Down jackets were launched in 2009, says Rachel Haworth, the companys UK spokesperson. The quilted jackets are priced from 59.90. For the last two winter seasons they have been bestsellers and we have sold 11m Ultra Light Down jackets worldwide. There are 58 colours and patterns for men more than double last season.

Finance manager John Hartnett, who just bought a down-filled leather jacket from Schott, says: I know that I can face whatever the weather throws at me, which will probably be everything and anything from now to next April, he says. Blow us away.